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Democratizing Water: Civil Society and State Collaboration in Oaxaca, Mexico Fascinating case study of how water is managed in Oaxaca, Mexico. Article 28 Jan 14
Urban Water Utilities and Upstream Communities Working Together While there are plenty of reasons to be discouraged by the state of the world’s water, this study offers good news for innovative watershed stewardship. The report explores cooperative arrangements among urban public water operators, municipalities, civil society organizations and the rural communities from where cities often draw their water. This paper — and the global conference on which it was based — investigates the common interest and practical collaboration for source water protection that exists between urban and rural communities in Latin America. Because of its instructive track record in working with upstream communities, the NYC-Catskills/Delaware Program was chosen as a departure point for discussion. Report 25 Nov 13
Executive Summary: Urban Water Utilities and Upstream Communities Working Together Report 25 Nov 13
Our Great Lakes Commons This paper is intended to serve as a background, a call to understanding and a call to action on an exciting new proposal to designate the Great Lakes and its tributary waters as a lived Commons, to be shared, protected, carefully managed and enjoyed by all who live around them. Report 5 May 11
Strengthen the Commons – Now! How the crisis reveals the fabric of our commons. Report 3 Mar 10
Resisting Water Privatisation, Building Water Democracy "Water is life. Without water democracy there can be no living democracy." -- Dr. Vandana Shiva, author of the report. Report 3 Mar 10
Water, Privatization and Conflict: Women from the Cochabamba Valley This investigation analyzes the conflict that was provoked by the privatization of water services in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in 2000. Report 3 Mar 10
Grab for Water? Different Strategies to solve the global water crisis. Published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Report 3 Mar 10
Water Privatization in Kenya Wambua Sammy discussed water privatization in Kenya. Published in March 2004 by the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Report 3 Mar 10
Global Issue Paper: Water As a Human Right The understanding of water in the Arab countries of the Middle East. By Karen Assaf, Bayoumi Attia, Ali Darwish, Batir Wardam and Simone Klawitter. Published in September 2004 by the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Report 3 Mar 10
International Movement to Reclaim Public Water Inspiring and informative video debate amongst global social movement leaders as they assess progress and challenges in the dynamic international movement to reclaim Public Water. Film 3 Mar 10
Water: a Common Good, Public Management, and Alternatives: Bolivia 2008 Water: a common good, public management, and alternatives. Water justice activists gathered in Cochabamba, Bolivia in August 2008. Report 3 Mar 10
Experiences of the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board Inspiring video on the experience of the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board which has broken down barriers between communities and engineers, and is pioneering a model of effective, democratic, accountable public water services. Film 3 Mar 10
Pan Asian Colloquium on "Rights to Water: Challenges and Solutions" Other media 3 Mar 10
Local Control and Management of Our Water Commons: Stories of Rising to the Challenge: Executive Summary The Executive Summary of the report. Report 18 Feb 10
Declaration of Caucayacu by La Red VIDA Declaration of Caucayacu by La Red VIDA, Inter-American Network for the Defense of the Right to Water. Other media 18 Feb 10
Statement to the Fifth World Water Forum Statement on the human right to water and managing water as a commons for the public good by H.E. Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, President of the United Nations General Assembly, to the Fifth World Water Forum delivered by Maude Barlow, former Senior Advisor on Water to the President. Other media 18 Feb 10
Reclaiming Public Water: Achievements, Struggles and Visions from Around the World The groundbreaking book on how reformed public water services can achieve the goal of delivering water for all. Includes additional new chapters. By Brid Brennan, Olivier Hoedeman, Philippe Terhorst and Satoko Kishimoto. Book 18 Feb 10
Reclaiming Public Water in Asia Compilation of 19 new essays written by civil society activists, trade unionists and other water practitioners in Asia on the fight against water privatisation and the experiences of building progressive public alternatives. Edited by Mary Ann Manahan, Nami Yamamoto and Olivier Hoedeman. Report 18 Feb 10
Huancayo: From Resistance to Public-Public Partnership The Andean city of Huancayo has shown that a strong local movement of citizens and workers can expand the struggle against privatisation into reclaiming public water services. By Phillipe Terhorst. Report 18 Feb 10
Water: Common Good, Public Management, And Alternatives: India 2008 From the 23rd to the 27th of September 2008, water justice activists, public water managers/operators, trade unions and academe from Asian countries met in Chennai, India. By Satoko Kishimoto. Report 18 Feb 10
Progressive Public Water Management in Europe Despite decades of intense pressure to commercialise and privatise water delivery, there are still numerous inspiring examples of successful public water management in cities and regions across Europe. By Philippe Terhorst, David Hachfeld and Olivier Hoedeman. Report 18 Feb 10
Changing the Flow - Water movements in Latin America Twelve brief interviews with water activists from Latin America, as well as declarations from a historic gathering in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in August, 2008. Report 18 Feb 10
Local Control and Management of Our Water Commons: Stories of Rising to the Challenge Report 17 Dec 09
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